Room to Breathe

Room to Breathe

I was recently talking to a good friend of mine and we realized that while on a plane they give you the best piece of advice that you can ever receive. Put your oxygen mask on first before you help someone else with theirs. This advice, while literal when flying, can be applied to your everyday life, especially as a mother.

As women, we have the tendency to want to do it all, and that doesn’t change when we become mothers. What does change, are our priorities. We find ourselves balancing motherhood, work, chores around the house, and so on and so on. Our list grows and everything goes to the top of the list and where does that leave us? At the very bottom. Suddenly, what you have on doesn’t really matter as long as you get the kids out of the house on time. Or if you are a working mom, you don’t make time for rest days, because there’s just so much to get done, like making sure your child takes a nap so they are not cranky. Are you seeing the irony yet?

Much like with the oxygen mask analogy, we have to take care of ourselves first in order to properly take care of our families and successfully thrive in our work.

You have the freedom to put yourself first and you should not feel guilty about it! Societal norms tell us that what makes a great Mom is one who always, at all costs, puts her family first. But if Mom is not happy or is overwhelmed, it’s bound to negatively affect the family as a whole. Feeling free and putting yourself first are two things that all of us should be aspiring towards. As a Mompreneur, you have more flexibility to create your own schedule leaving you with more time to be with your children. But, sometimes duty calls and you may have to travel for an awesome opportunity. Yes, the kids will miss you but sacrificing to grow and develop your business will grant you the freedom to do everything you want for your children later. Now of course this freedom is conducted with wisdom. I’m not saying to kick your kids to the curb so that you can finally eat, but make sure that the same way you ask your kids to sit down and eat a meal, you do the same for yourself. Or if you need to take an afternoon nap, ask your spouse or partner to give you a break so that you can rest and come back rejuvenated. If you are a single Mom, try to form a support circle with family or friends. Being surrounded by people who have your best interests at heart always makes things a bit easier. Rely on them for the times when you just need to pause and take a break. When you get back you’ll be fueled to get back into the groove of Motherhood.

So go ahead and take a deep breath. Analyze your daily tasks and make sure that you are carving some time out for you. You will begin to appreciate each day and those around you will benefit from your good vibes.

Written by Veronica Guity

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