5 Ways Stay at Home Moms Can Reclaim Their Time!

5 Ways Stay at Home Moms Can Reclaim Their Time!

My Mom has 8 children and looking back she always appeared to have everything in perfect order. I grew up in a traditional African household. My mother was a SAHM and my dad worked.  In the evenings my Dad would come home from work, he’d expect dinner, eat it,  and start getting ready for the next day, never leaving my mom with a real break. Now, as a mom of just 2, I honestly don’t know how she managed. Her standard answer is “By the grace of God.”, but Recently I asked her “How is it that you didn’t go crazy just staying in the house with us every day?!” Her answer “ I was going crazy, you just didn’t know it!”

As moms, it’s so easy to get caught up in our children’s lives and forget that we have one of our own. Their hobbies and favorite tv shows become ours and their leftover meals, become our dinner. Although it’s easy to fall into this habit, it’s so important to keep take care of ourselves. Yes, your world has changed along with your priorities but here are some tips in maintaining some pieces of your adult life in your new child-demanding world.

1. It’s OK to watch your programs! – If you are a stay-at-home mom with little ones at home, your television is probably always on kid programming. You don’t know how many times I was about to pull my hair out after listening to the finger family songs! Sometimes you just have to take a stand and change the channel! I promise you your child will be OK for an hour or two while you catch up on Wendy’s Hot Topics (my favorite lol) I know this is a bold move, but just think now they will have a chance to play with the many toys that have barely been touched. Plus, they a break from television would be good for them.

2. Reconnect with your girlfriends– I know this is easier said than done because life just happens. We get so busy with home and work that it seems like we don’t have time for anything else. However maintaining a social life is important for your mental health. According to the Washington Post, having a few hours away can reenergize you, giving you more energy and patience, making you a better mom Even if you just meet once every 3 months, it’ll all be worth it.

3. Find a Mommunity– While we point out that making time for your friends is important, if they don’t have kids they may not always relate to what you are going through. Having mom besties can make all the difference in the world when you just need to vent about your picky eater toddler. If you don’t have friends who are already mothers try finding a group to join. You will be happy you did it.

4.  Make sure to take self-care days– We always make sure that our kids are looking cute and sometimes have the tendency to forget about ourselves. But this really shouldn’t be the case. Self Care is an example we set for our children, teaching them to prioritize themselves. . I’m not saying that you need to look like you are going out to a party every day, but take a few minutes to put that hair brush to work. Get some new leggings, instead of going back to your trusty sweats. Also schedule some time for the salon or make a standing appotintment for a mani and pedi. We have 24 hours in a day and even as a Mom, some of those hours still belong to you. So go ahead and reclaim your time, you’ve earned it!

5. Schedule a date night– Now that you are looking cute, maybe this is the time to go and have a night out on the town with the spouse or significant other. Going out with the intent of just having a good time and remembering why you fell in love may bring some of that magic back to your marriage. But watch out, too much magic may bring another baby on board.

Written by Veronica Guity

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