Moms Make It Work

Who We Are

Moms Make It Work is a community based organization dedicated to educating, empowering and encouraging mothers at every stage of motherhood.  We provide mothers with the essential tools to achieve their dreams. As Moms, we naturally put everyone's needs before our own. While those around us are much better off for it, we often lose sight of our needs, ignoring self-care and most importantly our dreams.  Without realizing it we lose touch with our identity what we want out of life.

Moms Make It Work believes that with the right support, moms can “work” motherhood without sacrificing their families or themselves.  Through a series of educational workshops, events, connection and community, we encourage moms to let go of the guilt and give them the freedom to put themselves first. When their cups are filled, they can refill those around them.

What makes us different?

We are approaching motherhood through a holistic lens by providing educational workshops that not only benefit mothers and their dreams, but all areas of her life. Workshops include but are not limited to health, finance and self-care. We want Moms to feel whole and confident as they move forward to pursuing their goals.